Top Android Apps of the Month – February 2020

Top Android Apps of the Month – February 2020

Top Apps of the Month – February 2020: Hello, everyone this is Mohammad Sharfuddin from Welcome back to another serious of Cool New Apps, as said in the earlier post, that every month I would be posting Top or Best Android Apps of the Month. You can catch the Top Android App of the Month – January 2020 here.

Top Android Apps of the Month – February 2020

I’m going to start this week with some fresh new apps that you are going to love now. These are some apps that I have one on the Play Store through Reddit and a lot of other sources, but these are apps you’re going to love, so let’s get started. Top Android Apps of the Month – February 2020

Top Android Apps of the Month – February 2020

1. gesturePlus – Gesture Navigation Tuner!

gesturePlus adds a navigation button to your gestures so you can quickly launch any action or app with just one tap on the gesture navigation bar! Tap the bar to mute your phone, take a screenshot or turn on the flashlight with only one click!

Top Android Apps of the Month – February 2020

Don’t like the back navigation gesture on screen edges? Just tap the gesture navigation bar to go back!

Combine gesture navigation with a navigation button by adding your favorite actions as you like! Top Android Apps of the Month – February 2020


  • A single tap and long-press supported!
  • Tune the gesture navigation!
  • High performance! No lags!
  • No annoying ads


  • Go Back
  • Turn on flashlight
  • Take a screenshot
  • Mute phone
  • Launch Google Assistant
  • Launch camera or any other app
  • 35+ actions

2. Activity Bubbles – A Digital Wellbeing Experiment

Activity Bubbles helps you discover what your phone usage looks like in a day. Each unlocks a new bubble. The longer you stay on your phone, the bigger the bubble grows.

Top Android Apps of the Month – February 2020

Activity Bubbles is part of Digital Wellbeing Experiments, a platform to share ideas and tools that help people find a better balance with technology. Try the experiments and create your own at

3. Doublicat: Face Swap AI-tool

Doublicat — advanced AI-powered face swap GIF creator & meme app. Get your first personalized GIF meme in just 5 seconds. Create your virtual celebrity doubles and amaze friends!

Top Android Apps of the Month – February 2020

Launch the app and take one instant selfie.
Pick a GIF meme and put your face on it with one click.

Create your personalized GIF reactions.
Amaze your friends with funny GIFs.

Send your personalized GIFs to social networks and messengers, right from the app.
Download results as a GIF or Video.

4. WPS Fill & Sign – Fill, Sign & Create PDF Forms

WPS Fill & Sign is a pdf editor app to fill and sign pdf forms. It allows you to fill out forms, including visa application forms, income tax forms, scholarship forms, and sign documents such as invoices and contracts.

Top Android Apps of the Month – February 2020

With WPS Fill & Sign, you can open pdf forms, scan a paper form, autofill your pre-saved profiles, create a signature, sign pdf forms by finger, and send pdf forms to other apps.

✔ Open Form/Create Form
Open pdf forms from the file folder, email, or other apps; create pdf forms by taking a picture of paper forms.

✔ Form Fill
Opening a static form, you can enter text, rectangle, hook, fork, etc., text input also supports automatic filling;
Opening an interactive way, you can identify and fill out multiple form field components, text fields, single checkboxes, date fields, dropdown lists, option lists, etc.

✔ Docusign
You can create and add signatures, initial signatures, date signatures;
You can create and add long names, or take photos to identify paper signatures;
Signature rotation and signature scaling are also supported.

✔ Send Form
Print, email, or send pdf forms to other apps.

WPS Fill & Sign always give you the best experience with form files.
✔ Run fluently
✔ Small size

5. Memorigi: Todo List, Tasks, Calendar, & Reminders

Memorigi is the most simple, intuitive, beautiful todo list, task planner, calendar, and reminder app to skyrocket your productivity and take control of your life.

Top Android Apps of the Month – February 2020


In Memorigi, you have tasks, lists, and… that’s it. Everything else is optional.


One tap to create your tasks and swipe down gesture to access your todo lists.


Excellent user experience combined with high UI = high emotions. Memorigi comes with an unparalleled number of amazing features powered by an unbeatable UX/UI.


Use Memorigi with your SO to keep track of your home tasks. Use Memorigi to plan and collaborate on projects with your friends, family, and co-workers.


Memorigi is by your side every step of the way. Memorigi will let you organize and plan your daily life. Whether it is organizational or task management, Memorigi instills positive habits to hold you accountable and transform your life. Create simple todo lists, short and long-term goal lists, grocery, and shopping lists. Track your high school and university projects. Create tasks with reminders for your payments and workout classes. Your imagination is the limit.

6. Typewise Keyboard – Big Keys, Privacy, Swipe

Current keyboards are based on the 140-year-old mechanical typewriter layout. Typewise is different. It’s the first keyboard that is specifically designed for smartphones. It’s revolutionary yet easy to use, and after a couple of messages, you’ll love it.

Top Android Apps of the Month – February 2020

🤩 80% fewer typos

A recent study with 37,000 participants showed that on current keyboards, 1 out of 5 words contains typos. With Typewise, you finally get rid of these ARRGGHH-moments. Thanks to the hexagon layout, keys are 70% larger and much easier to hit. This reduces typos by 80%.

👋 Intuitive gestures

Swipe up to capitalize a letter, swipe left to delete, or swipe right to restore. It’s as simple as that.

✨ Smart autocorrect

Stop getting annoyed by wrong autocorrections or senseless predictions. Typewise learns what you type and helps you write that perfect sentence.

🔒 100% privacy

What you write is personal. That’s why Typewise runs locally on your device, and none of your data is transmitted to the cloud.

🚦 No permissions

Other keyboards require dozens of authorities to access your calendar, contacts, files, GPS location, and much more. Typewise only needs one agreement to support vibration.

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