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How To Remove Sora Templates Attribution 100% Working Method

How To Remove Sora Templates Attribution 100% Working Method: Sora templates are one of the best blogger templates you can get for a cheap price or for free. It comes highly optimized, build with HTML5, mobile responsive and intuitive interface. Each Sora template comes with two option, either to download it for free and use it with the attribution link or to purchase it for a very cheap price.

If you are low on budget and looking to use Sora template for your new blog without purchasing it and without having Sora attribution link in your blog, This tutorial will teach you how you can overcome this problem. Most people try to remove this attribution credit from the HTML view of their blog but found their blog being redirected to another page, This article will help you to remove the attribution link from all free Sora templates without redirecting to another page.

Note: Make sure to backup your templates in case something goes wrong, you can easily go to the backup.

Follow the technique below exactly to remove the Sora Template Attribution easily. Here, I am not going to show you to remove script or add any custom <style> code.

How To Remove Sora Templates Attribution 100% Working Method

  1. First head over to you Blogger Dashboard >> Theme >> Edit HTML as shown below 
  2. Now press CTRL+F (find) “id=’mycontent‘” and note down the class tag, it should be in the form of class=’ty_footer_copyright (as shown below)
  3. Now again, search for the class tag “ty_footer_copyright” and you will find the following code
    text-align: left;
    display: inline-block;
    line-height: 30px;


    Copy the code and place it below the code. (Duplicate it), the add the following line just above “}” for the original code as show in picture

    font-size: 0px !important;

    then your code should look like this

    .ty_footer_copyright {
    text-align: left;
    display: inline-block;
    line-height: 30px;
    font-size: 0px !important;

    Now, for the second code replace the class name from “.ty_footer_copyright” to “.ty_footer_copyright_my” then you above code (which has been duplicated) should look like this

    text-align: left;
    display: inline-block;
    line-height: 30px;

    then Save the template.

  4. Now, search for the same “ty_footer_copyright“, you should find something like this <
    <div class=’ty_footer_copyright’>
    Created By <a href=’’ id=’mycontent’ rel=’dofollow’ title=’Free Blogger Templates’>Sora Templates</a></div>


    Right below the above code ad the following code as shown in picture

    <div class=’ty_footer_copyright_my‘>
    Copyright &#169; 2018 <a href=’YOUR-LINK‘ rel=’dofollow’ title=’YOUR TITLE‘>YOUR ATTRIBUTION</a></div>

  5. Save the Template and Enjoy Blogging 🙂

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There are 75 comments

    1. Hello, thanks for writing! Free Blogger Templates contains decrypted code ( 1000’s of lines ) which makes you blog coding clustered which is not good for ranking on Search Engines. Simple it contains unstructured data. Though you can use it for free and If you are serious about your blog then I recommend you to purchase a Premium Blog template or Migrate to WordPress. Footer Credits are meant to protect original work. Apart from this, there is nothing serious about Footer Credits of Free Blogger Template.

      1. Bro,How to remove ‘search this blog’ name from search bar in sora template. I have tried numerous ways but they are of no use. Please guide this problem

    1. If you can’t find the class tag then search for any alternative keyword which relates the footer credit like, mycontent, footer, id-footer. Else you can try the first method to reduce the text size to 0px in CSS.

  1. hi it’s not working for e.g. whenever i try to open the website via private window then it redirects everytime
    I did exactly as you mentioned

    1. Hi Devendra,

      You won’t be having any copyright issues if you change the footer credits unless and until you remove their encrypted code (what we call as ‘Garbage Code’). My personal opinion is that you shouldn’t remove footer credits, atleast somebody have to give them credits for their hard work right? If you want to remove credit and want to give salute to their hard work then go ahead and purchase the theme.

      1. Hello brother can you show me how to remove footer credit from the cleanify template from templatify I will be thankful plz

    1. Dear,

      Script has been updated. Please try again, if you don’t get then something you are missing it out. Check the comments most of the readers are getting it. If you still face any problem then email us. We will help you out!

  2. Brother what is mean by this kind of code in sora templete ,
    var _iWmNpQ= “\x65\x76\x61\x6c\x28\x66\x75\x6e\x63\x74……………………..
    can i remove this code? or keep as it is.

    1. Hi, this is encrypted code. This code contains the actual redirection section if your try to remove the footer credits. In some cases/themes you can remove this code without any issue and for most of the cases if you remove this encrypted code your blog URL will be redirected to the original authors website. So, to bypass this issue this article will help you out. For any clarifications do not hesitate to comment or contact.

  3. sora footer credit links are removed,but my attribution(i.e.trueved) is not showing in footer.beacause of this error?
    Error parsing XML, line 5193, column 12: Open quote is expected for attribute “class” associated with an element type “div”.
    please help!

  4. sir,whenever i try to open any post in my website then it redirects everytime to sora template
    I did exactly as you mentioned.
    please help!

  5. Bro,How to remove ‘search this blog’ name from search bar in sora template. I have tried numerous ways but they are of no use. Please guide this problem

      1. please, sir, check your mail I just upload new sore theme soo please sir edit that in new sore theme and send me I will very very thank full to you I know the further process then.

  6. Hi bro, Can I send my template so you help me remove it? having difficulty with it. Thanks. Love from Nigeria

  7. Hello! Nice article. Please my issue is that I want to change the color scheme and at least the position of some items. It’s too similar to others.

      1. Thank you Sir. But please, I also noticed a lot of encrypted scripts in the template. Deleting them will / may break the whole site and settings. Any idea? Or isn’t the paid version a better option that will save us a lot of headaches?

        1. Hey Manu,

          Removing the encrypted script may leads to dis-functioning some of the features or it may break the whole site as said! If you are really concern about this then I recommend you to purchase the Premium version,

  8. Can I send you a template?, as I can’t find the code as you instructed in your article.

    I would be thankful.

  9. Sir, does removing footer improves the loading speed of the site?
    If so please tell how to remove it completely from the html.

  10. Hi Sir,
    I have installed a template name SORASHOP. The name sorashop appear on the top above the main menu I want to remove or replace it my own name. How to do it. Please reply

    1. I suggest you use the inspect element option and then search for the appropriate code and then edit it in HTML.
      Steps to use:
      01. Visit your blog URL
      02. Right on the part where you want to modify/remove the element.
      03. Select the inspect element.
      04. Find the class/id/any text which is unique or associated with the element.
      05. Go to blogger >> Select Edit template as HTML and then search the above-copied class/id/text in the workspace.
      06. Modify/Remove the element and then click SAVE.

  11. Hello, I downloaded the Sora template and realized posts are duplicated, How do I please rectify this so posts are not duplicated?

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