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How to Get Amazon Prime Account for Free

How to Get Amazon Prime Account for Free: In this blog post I’m going to show you how you can create Amazon Prime account for free and can enjoy Prime Videos every-month. This is very simple but you need to be prepare with all requirements before starting. Requirements doesn’t include hardware this it just couple of websites where you have to get some private information while creating account.

For you easy and reference purpose a 4 minutes 12 seconds video has updated at the end of the post. If you don’t wanna read this all post you might watch video directly. Further, it you didn’t get through video you can come back check written post.

Before starting I recommend you to open all websites which are mentioned below:

  1. Yopmail – Disposal Email Address
  2. Fake Name Generator
  3. Namso- Gen a credit card generator based on our own BIN Pattern
  4. Akatsuki – CC Checker (please note if this website is not available, try searching for “CC Checker” latest websites on Google, as google blacklisted all these site. So, ensure you get working websites. As of now the above site is LIVE.  Come check here frequently, we will update the latest website here.)
  5. Amazon Prime (Canada)

Let’s get Started…

How to Get Amazon Prime Account for Free

  1. Create a disposal email, using yopmail you need not to create one. Just use <any-name> and check inbox .
  2. As you are signing up at Amazon Prime Canada get ready with address generator with a Canadian Details.
  3. Generate couple of credit-card numbers using Namso-Gen website. (generate 20 numbers – recommended)
  4. Using CC Checker (Akatsuki) get the LIVE cards from the cards generated above. (Copy all card numbers from Namso-Gen and Paste it in CC Checker at Akatsuki)
  5. Using the Live card details sign-up at Amazon Prime and Enjoy the Prime Video Subscription for one month.

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There are 4 comments

  1. bruh at the end when i fill the details from live card its showing me error use another payment method. What can i do help please . Thank you.

  2. Hey man, its say “there is an internal error while creating the account” while creating a amazon account

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