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Top 3 Android Apps of the Month - March 2020

Top 3 Android Apps of the Month – March 2020

Top 3 Android Apps of the Month – March 2020: Hey, people welcome back to another blog post of Top Android Apps of the Month. We are going to start this week with some fresh new apps that you are going to love. Now, these are some apps that I have one on the Play Store through Reddit and many other sources, but these are apps you are going to love.

 So let us get started.

Top 3 Android Apps of the Month – March 2020

1. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has made some significant enhancements for its Edge application for Android, and that is the purpose behind its incorporation right now. This perfect Android app currently comes pressed with an upgraded route menu at the base, which makes exploring an enchanting accessing its menu if your mobile has a large display.

You can get to all your Favorite tabs, History, and Downloads just by tapping on a single button. The Edge Browser tends to that, and the sky is the limit from there.

Top 3 Android Apps

Furthermore, there’s another menu at the upper right corner, which gives you a lot of alternatives to upgrade your home page. For example, you can switch between Focused mode, Inspirational, and the Informational mode relying upon your reading.

2. Audio Manager Lite

The Audio Manager Lite is the adept application for you on the off chance that you usually switch between various audio profiles on your mobile.

Top 3 Android Apps

This application has a list of tools that let you naturally modify the volume level with no manual mediation. It has a series of schedules that you can program.

Top 3 Android Apps

3. Swift Walls – Wallpaper Manager

Swift Walls – Wallpaper Manager is fantastic if you love customizing your mobile’s wallpapers. It’s a small, lightweight wallpaper manager app that lets you modify a wallpaper as per your interest.

For instance, if you want to tweak the brightness of the image, give it a blurry background or apply filters, it lets you do so.

Top 3 Android Apps

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