Top Best Alternatives of Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Alternatives of Internet Download Manager: The web is full of amazing videos. Some are hilarious and some are inspirational, but they’re all on the internet. The past few years, it’s made it difficult to download the videos on your computer to be able to play them whenever you like or give them to family or friends.

To accomplish this, you’ll need the Internet Download Manager. With this amazing program, you will be able to download all the great videos to your drive in such a way that you’ll be amazed. After installation, every time you stream an online video it will show there will be a download this video button will pop up.

In a single click and you’ll be downloading your videos from all of the best video sharing websites such as YouTube and others. There is no way to get the same functionality and speed of IDM on other sites. With IDM in case your internet connection goes down it will allow you to continue downloading the place you left off when you’re back online, like nothing has happened.

It also offers the ability to download the site and save the site on your PC. It is possible to download particular files, like every image or the entire website to view offline.

Internet Download Manager has a built-in download accelerator which will allow you to download 5 times more quickly than the usual download speed.

There are a variety of alternatives available today that could be used instead of IDM. While the majority of the internet browsers support multithreaded downloads, having an IDM that is dedicated to downloading is always beneficial. It’s more user-friendly and has a superior user interface and generally faster than the browsers for web browsing in general.

Let’s take a take a look at the top download managers on the Windows PC (some can also be used with macOS and Linux too) which you can utilize to download your files faster.

Top Best Alternatives of Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Free Download Manager (FDM)

Like the title suggests that it’s free. However, in addition to having a no-cost cost, it includes a number of functions. FDM offers speedy download, download restart and a host of other options. In addition, it acts as an BitTorrent client, allowing you to add torrent and magnet links. files, too.

Alternatives of Internet Download Manager

It might not have the video-grabbing feature of IDM however you can copy the links to the videos and download it quickly. It might not have the best user interface however it is able to perform really well. Alternatives of Internet Download Manager

The most important features are:

  • BitTorrent support. You can download files with BitTorrent. BitTorrent protocol.
  • Support for enhanced audio and video files.
  • Download Acceleration.
  • Resuming broken downloads.
  • A powerful file management system that is smart and efficient as well as a scheduler.
  • Modifying the use of traffic.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Absolutely absolutely free and completely secure.


Motrix is a sleek and minimalist user interface which is just as effective as IDM combined with all the awesome features. Motrix can handle up to 10 simultaneous downloads, as well as 64 thread support for downloads port mapping, numerous other features. Alternatives of Internet Download Manager

The UI is also compatible with dark mode. And if you’re using it for mac OS it supports the touch bar, too.

Alternatives of Internet Download

Although it’s still in the process of development It works extremely well and can be a great option to IDM.

Features that are important:

  • Cross-platform support.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • BitTorrent selective download.
  • Update of the tracker’s list automatically.
  • UPnP & NAT-PMP Port Mapping.
  • Tasks for parallel download (up up to 10)
  • Support the use of up to 64 threads on the same task.
  • The ability to limit speed.


Jdownloader includes all the features you need from an IDM together with a variety of highly creative and useful features that you would not have expected from an IDM. Jdownloader is also an open source program and includes the ability to resume downloads as well as setting bandwidth limits and numerous other features. However, it has many intriguing capabilities. Alternatives of Internet Download Manager

Alternatives of Internet Download

Jdownloader will download an archived document when the download is completed. It will automatically resolve the captcha problem, and comes with support for multilingual languages and even thematic capabilities. The interface is up-to-date however, its features makes it an excellent IDM alternative.

Features that are important:

  • Platform-independent( Windows, Linux, Mac).
  • It is compatible with Java 1.5 and higher.
  • Complete Open-Source (GPL)
  • 24-hour support.
  • Download multiple files at the same time.
  • Downloading using multiple connections.
  • JD is equipped with its own highly efficient OCR module.
  • Automatic extractor (including search for passwords in the list)

Neat Download Manager

It’s a lighter version of IDM that can use approximately 850 kb of space. It’s a small program that takes up little area on the system. It has many great features that include:

Alternatives of Internet Download
  • Accelerates downloads.
  • Sorts downloads according to their type of file as well as their download status.
  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP Proxy, and FTP Protocols.
  • Lets you stop and restart downloads.
  • There are browser extensions available for Chrome as well as Firefox.
  • Let’s define bandwidth limits and a maximum number of connections for downloads.
  • It allows you to renew expiring Downloads.


FlashGet can break downloaded files into parts that download the sections at once which can boost speed of download from 100 to 500 percent. This, along with FlashGet’s powerful, easy-to-use management features, allows you to manage your downloads as never before.

Alternatives of Internet Download

FlashGet includes the following features that are notable:

  • Optimizes the utilization of system resources, so that it won’t cause slowdowns to your system.
  • Automatically scans the downloaded files.
  • Absolutely free, without spyware, adware or malware.
  • Enhances speed of download and stability.
  • The software supports HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent as well as eMule, FTP, and other protocols for torrents.
  • Powerful files management feature.

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