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How To Get Free SpyFu Account for Lifetime

How To Get Free SpyFu Account for Lifetime

How To Get Free SpyFu Account for Lifetime: ‘SpyFu,’ the name itself says ‘Spy.’ This tool enables us to spy on competitor’s keywords and attract organic traffic from the Search Engine. SpyFu provides in-depth details of keywords and SEO research tools, which helps us to rank on Google or other Search Engines within no time and also helps to improve your ranking.

How To Get Free SpyFu Account for Lifetime

Compare to all other SEO tools, ‘SpyFu‘ stands the second most excellent tool for Keyword Research and analysis. However, the first is SEMrush.

Recently, I have written an article on this blog ‘The Best Keyword Finder Tool‘ which is free, you can check it out. 

However, I have written a few articles related to Keyword research and SEO on the blog you can visit the blogging section from the top menu.

Keep reading this article; I will show you how can obtain free ‘SpyFu‘ account for lifetime* (lifetime = 2 months of Free PRO version after that FREE for a lifetime with some limitations)

However, with the Free version, we can almost achieve 85% – 95% ranking on Google within no time.

How To Get Free SpyFu Account for Lifetime

Before going to tell the process of enabling the Free SpyFu account, below are some features of SpyFu.

  1. PPC Competitor Research
  2. SEO Competitor Research
  3. Keyword Research Tools
  4. Domain Leads and Top Lists

However, I am not going to discuss these in details but lemme give you an overlook for the above features.

1. PPC Competitor Research

To understand how this works, you search for your competitor, and then you can know all keywords, they are ranking no matter those keywords are paid or ad test keywords. Using this, you can make all their paid keywords and success your own, and you can avoid mistakes.

  • Adwords Competitor Keyword Spy Tool
  • Monitor PPC Competitors
  • Find Competitor’s Keywords you don’t already buy.
  • Adwords Advisor
  • Adwords Keyword Grouping Tool
  • Competitor Adwords Campaign and Ad Test History
  • PPC Negative Match Recommendations
  • PPC Ad Rank Tracker

2. SEO Competitor Research

Here you can extract the backlinks and content that your competitor is ranking.

  • Research Competitors SEO Keywords
  • Spy on your SEO Competition
  • 3-way Competitor Keyword Research Tool
  • Keyword Group Analysis Tool
  • Complete Keyword Ranking History
  • Custom Branded SEO Client Reports
  • Check Competitor Backlinks by Keyword
  • Influencer Marketing – Social Outreach for Backlinks
  • Track your SEO Keyword Rankings

3. Keyword Research Tools

The success of any online marketing business depends upon the keyword study. Keywords are terms or phrases that relate to niche or the subject which you plan to get into on your advertising business.

  • Google Keyword Tool Alternative
  • Keyword Grouper Tool
  • PPC Ad Test Winners and Losers
  • Adwords Keyword Advice for Your Campaign
  • Quality Backlinks for Specific Keywords
  • PPC and SEO SERP Analysis
  • SEO Keyword Ranking History

How To Get Free SpyFu Account for Lifetime

Here to get an account in SpyFu for lifetime, you need not have to do crazy things like hack, crack or there are no tips and tricks.

The simple thing you have to do is visit thier official blog and search for the article “SpyFu is Free for Anyone Who Needs It” and read it or you just have to write an Email to and explain why you need this tool for free.

And, within 6-5 hours you will receive reply from SpyFu with your login credentials.

Below are the some screenshots that I have received my login credentials.

How To Get Free SpyFu Account for Lifetime

If you enjoyed reading this article, please do comment and let me know did you received your login credentials or not.

Note: This may not work in future, last updated on 3rd April, 2020 12:14am.

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