Get Free Lifetime Access to Social Media Management Tool

Get Free Lifetime Access to Social Media Management Tool

Get Free Lifetime Access to Social Media Management Tool: Do you need to streamline your social network marketing tasks? Are you searching for better way to handle multiple profiles? In this article you will discover access to one social network management tool free lifetime to streamline and consolidate your social network marketing efforts. – provides you 14 days Trail with 3000 Posts – Premium account. Once you Register then log in, in the upper right corner you may add accounts and select which updates to post. You can connect your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Tumblr accounts. The interface is straightforward.

On the right, you’ve a cool feature that allows you pull visual content from numerous different sources like Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, or Pinterest at make your very own distinctive content to share with your audience.

The majority of the dash panel Is earmarked for typing the text of a publication, shortening your URL, and scheduling a publication.

You’ve the option to post right now or schedule for later. The menu on the left side is hidden when you are working on posts, and with only one click you can access it again.

Once you create your account, you can choose the social networks you wish to add to it.

On the top right, you may easily add or delete a network or can create Channel to your dash panel and connect your pages and profiles. As soon as you do that, you may Use the Content tab to create and share your content.

Get rich reports on your social network marketing reach on the Analytics tab.

Use these analytics to enhance your marketing plan. Moving ahead, use the Scheduling tab to make a custom posting schedule.

Buffer offers the option of automatic posting and determines the correct posting time for your brand, based on the participation of your audience. On the right, use the Settings tab to adjust your accounts, team members, and link shortening.

Steps to Get Free Lifetime Access to Social Media Management Tool

  1. Try to sign-up using Disposal Email – yopmail
  2. Use all the premium features for 13 Days and on 14th Day disconnect all your social media accounts from as shown in below picture.
  3. After successful disconnection you may sign-up once again at for 14 days trail with all premium features.
  4. It just takes couple of minutes and you get the access for premium account unless you pay for any other social media tools.
  5. Repeat above steps and enjoy the Social Media Management Tool.

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