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Become a YouTube Partner in 5 Easy Steps

Become a YouTube Partner in 5 Easy Steps
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Many don’t know, but you can become a YouTube partner and make money off the videos you upload! To become a partner you have to upload original content on a regular basis and need to build an engaged audience. It’s not easy becoming a YouTube partner but there are some easy steps which can help you along the way. A lot of YouTube users are now living off the money they make from YouTube, making it their full time. Some are even making 6 figure salaries! Earning that kind of money does take a long time though and requires you to have a hell of a lot of subscribers and views. The info-graphic below gives you 5 steps which are easy to carry out and will help you on your way to becoming a YouTube partner.

How to Become a YouTube Partner?

Become a YouTube Partner in 5 Easy Steps

Become a YouTube Partner in 5 Easy Steps

To become a YouTube partner you’ll want some of vital things. Get as several views and subscribers as you’ll get. The additional fans look your videos the higher it’s for you. additionally, participating content is that the key to a powerful YouTube account. Your videos don’t have to be compelled to go microorganism, it simply must speak to your audience and hold their interest.

1. Initial introduction Count

The first 15 seconds of a video is the key to an excellent video. you’ll win or lose your viewers in those crucial initial seconds. regardless of the subject of the video is, get straight to the most purpose and prove it’s price look the remainder of the video. Attention spans are terribly short on the net, therefore making an extended intro that will nothing for the viewer may be a positive thanks to losing them. however, you structure the start of the video can have the foremost impact on the number of views and user engagement.

2. Collaborate with Others

Seek out alternative Youtubers that create nice content associated with yours and type collaborations to expand your audience. interact and entertain the viewers and you’ll get several new subscribers. you’ll produce some epic content with Youtubers in your niche and have the videos continue from one in every one of your channels to the opposite. conjointly think about collaborating with a full bunch of individuals in one project to essentially kick it up a notch.

3. Make Special Content

There are countless inventive ways in which of extremely interacting with viewers and quickly increasing the number of subscribers. many concepts include: Contest – Give away a cool prize to connect with your group of onlookers.

  • Contest – Give away a cool prize to interact together with your audience.
  • Tutorials – Teach viewers new skills or a way to do one thing attention-grabbing or helpful.
  • Q & A – Asking and respondent viewer queries is often a favorite.
  • Story – Become a storyteller and share a motivating tale with compelling visuals.
  • Giveaways – everybody likes freebies, therefore offer one thing for comments or subscribes.
  • Interactive Video – produce a series of interactive videos to let the viewer create decisions.

4. Join a Network

Find a network inside your niche which may assist you to advertise your channel and attract more viewers who suit your audience. you are doing have to be compelled to have a good following to induce accepted into any of the larger networks. If you’re still beginning out, then this offers you one thing to aim for.

5. Why Become a Partner?

There are countless edges to turning into a YouTube partner. This includes obtaining additional views and earning more cash through Google Adsense or advertising partners.

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