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Best Alternatives to Thunderbird

Upgrade Your Email Game: Best Alternatives to Thunderbird

Best Alternatives to Thunderbird: Email is an essential aspect of modern communication, and selecting the best email client is necessary for managing and managing your messages. Although Thunderbird is a well-known email client for Windows people, there might be better choices than Thunderbird for all users. In this blog, we’ll discuss five email clients you can install for Windows as an alternative to Thunderbird.

Best Alternatives to Thunderbird

1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is among the most frequently used email clients on Windows. It has a wealth of features for managing your email contacts, calendar, and tasks. Outlook can be compatible with various Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which is a fantastic choice for professionals and businesses. Best Alternatives to Thunderbird


  • The user-friendly interface of Outlook has a neat and organized layout that’s simple to navigate.
  • Integrated calendar: The built-in calendar of Outlook makes it simple to set up appointments and meetings and is also linked to other calendars, such as Google Calendar.
  • Task management: Outlook’s task manager lets users make lists of tasks and schedule reminders. This is useful in keeping on top of appointments and deadlines.
  • Filtering emails: Outlook has robust tools to organize and filter emails, including categories and rules, which can assist users in keeping their inboxes organized and clean.
  • The Add-ins feature: Outlook lets users install add-ins or plugins that add additional features to the software, for example, other calendar views, scheduled emails, or even booking meeting rooms right via Outlook.
  • Integration built-in to the other Microsoft software: Outlook is part of the Microsoft Office Suite, which means that it is compatible with different Microsoft applications, including Word and Excel.


  • The cost: Microsoft Outlook is a paid-for software separate from most Office Suite packages, making it quite costly for some users.
  • Resources-intensive Outlook may be very resource-intensive and can cause slowdowns on slower machines or when processing large quantities of data.
  • Complexity Some users may find Outlook’s advanced features may be challenging to master and make use of.
  • Concerning cost, Outlook is typically available as part of the Microsoft Office Suite, which is available for a single purchase or via a subscription plan such as Microsoft 365.
  • Microsoft’s Office Suite price varies depending on the version and subscriber plan. However, it is usually between $70 and $150 for a single purchase or between $6 and $ 20 per month with an annual subscription.
  • There’s also a no-cost version of Outlook available, called, that provides a primary calendar and email features; however, it only has a few features available in the Outlook application.

2. Gmail

Gmail is a great choice for users who prefer online email clients; Gmail is an excellent alternative. It’s a no-cost, web-based email service offered by Google. It’s simple to use and has an effective filtering system for spam and the ability to integrate with various Google services, such as Google Calendar and Google Drive. Best Alternatives to Thunderbird


  • The user-friendly interface Gmail offers an easy and intuitive interface that is easy for people to use.
  • Ample capacity storage: Gmail provides users with enormous storage space to store their emails. This storage space is further expandable by purchasing storage.
  • Integration with the other Google Services: Gmail seamlessly integrates with other Google services, like Google Drive and Google Calendar. It makes it simple to share and access documents and schedule appointments.
  • The filtering of spam messages: Gmail has a robust filtering system that ensures that unwanted messages are kept out of your inbox.
  • Accessible from any device Gmail is accessible via any device with access to the internet, which makes it easy to remain connected and manage your emails while traveling.


  • Advertisements: Gmail includes ads in the inbox. This could be distracting and make it difficult to locate important messages.
  •  Privacy issues: As a business, Google collects data on its users. This could create privacy issues for people who value their privacy online.
  • Automated sorting Gmail sorts emails automatically into various categories, including Primary Promotions, Social, and Primary. Finding specific emails that need to be listed in the primary tabs may be challenging for some users.
  • In terms of price, Gmail is a free service funded by advertisements. However, if you’re searching for a different version of Gmail, free of ads and with extra features, join G Suite, which is Google’s paid version productivity suite. G Suite pricing starts at $6 per month per user. It also comes with additional options like more storage space, custom email addresses, and more.

3. Mailbird

Mailbird is a modern, user-friendly email application that is designed to be quick, efficient, and simple to use. It comes with various options, including an integrated inbox, the ability to support multiple accounts, and integration into popular apps such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It also has a no-cost version that lets you connect up to three email accounts. Best Alternatives to Thunderbird


  • Clean and intuitive User interface: Mailbird offers a modern and sleek interface that is simple to navigate and use.
  • Integration with the most popular applications or services: Mailbird is compatible with various applications and services, including WhatsApp, Asana, Slack, and more. This makes it simple to switch between tools and remains organized.
  • Features that improve productivity: Mailbird includes various features to aid users in staying efficient and organized, like the ability to put off emails or plan email messages for later delivery and create reminders for essential tasks.
  • It is customizable: Users may alter the look and experience of Mailbird by selecting from a wide range of themes, color schemes, layouts, and colors.


  • This app is available only for Windows: Mailbird is only available on Windows and Mac, which means that users of other operating systems won’t be able to use the application.
  • Only limited support for email providers. It works with the major email providers, such as Google, Office 365, and Outlook However, it doesn’t offer support for all the email providers there.
  • In terms of cost, Mailbird offers a free version of the app with essential features, and the pro version comes with more features available to purchase. The pro version is available for $3.99 each month and $38.99 annually. When you buy this Pro Version, you will get additional features such as Email Snoozing, Adding several accounts, setting a unique signature, and many more.
  • It is essential to determine whether the advantages outweigh the negatives and whether the price is within your budget before making a choice. I recommend testing the free version first to determine if it fits your needs before signing up to purchase the premium version.

4. eM Client

eM client is a different email client that comes with many options, such as the ability to support multiple accounts of Email, an integrated calendar, as well as the capability to chat with your contacts using instant messaging. It also comes with a sleek user-friendly interface and integration with cloud-based services like Dropbox and Google Drive. The Pro version also includes options like a meeting scheduler, tasks and contacts management, and PGP encryption. Best Alternatives to Thunderbird


  • A user-friendly: eM Client features a sleek and easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to manage and navigate your calendars, emails, and contacts.
  • Calendar and contact management built-in: eM Client includes a calendar and contact manager, which is an excellent method of keeping track of your calendar and contacts in one location.
  • It supports multiple accounts for Email: eM Client allows you to create and manage multiple email accounts from various providers, like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo, all in one program.
  • Offers a range of customizable options


  • Mobile support is limited: eM Client is primarily desktop-based; however, while there is a mobile application, it is not equipped with the same features equivalent to the desktop version.
  • Cost: eM Client is not a free application but offers a no-cost test. You will need to pay for a Pro license if you decide to keep using it. Pro license.
  • Search features are limited. The search capabilities included in eM Client are not as effective as those of other email clients; therefore, when you require advanced search features, you should consider a different option.
  • eM Client pricing: The eM Client basic licensing costs $49.95 for one user. It is available on a per-user basis. A Pro license can be purchased for $69.95 for each user.
  • This license also includes additional features, such as advanced search, mail backup, and assistance for Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Business and family licenses are also available at discounts.

5. Postbox

Postbox is a professional-grade email client with many features, such as a powerful search feature, advanced filtering capabilities, and an integrated task manager. Postbox supports multiple accounts, such as Google, iCloud, and Exchange.

Postbox is designed to be used by professional users and those who must manage massive amounts of emails daily. Best Alternatives to Thunderbird


  • Advanced search features. Search functions in Postbox are quick and efficient, allowing you to discover specific emails using various parameters quickly.
  • Tools for an organization: Postbox includes several tools that can help you organize your Email, like the ability to categorize conversations by a conversation thread and the ability to label emails with labels that you can customize.
  • The Postbox interface is highly customizable, with the ability to organize your mailbox and other tabs in a manner that best suits your needs.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for keyboards You can make custom keyboard shortcuts that allow you to access various options swiftly.
  •  Supports multiple email accounts, calendaring, and Contacts


  • The cost: Postbox is a paid email client, meaning you’ll be charged an all-in-one fee for using it.
  • More well-known than other email applications like Outlook, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail.
  • Fewer integrations with other services.
  • Postbox’s cost is a one-time charge of $29.95 per license, including the software on a single device.

Alternatives to Thunderbird: In the end, picking the correct email client is a critical choice, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It is all about the specific requirements and preferences of your users. The five email applications discussed here are great alternatives for Windows users looking for other options to Thunderbird. Best Alternatives to Thunderbird

If you require a powerful email client designed for use in a professional setting or a more straightforward web-based option for your personal needs, there’s something for everyone on this list. Best Alternatives to Thunderbird

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