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Cheap & Best Web Hosting for Beginners

Cheap & Best Web Hosting for Beginners

Cheap & Best Web Hosting for Beginners: Hostinger is among the cheapest shared hosting providers on the market to this day.

They started in the year 2007 as, a free website hosting service with no advertising. Then, in the year 2011, the Hostinger website hosting brand was born. 

Cheap & Best Web Hosting for Beginners

By May of 2014, Hostinger had already surpassed a consumer base of ten million people. By January of 2017, the consumer base had grown to 29 million people. 

That’s growth in over a decade. And the business boasts tons of features that are free and boundless. But are those extra perks genuinely free and unlimited? 

Cheap Web Hosting Hostinger

That’s growth in over a decade. And the business boasts tons of features that are free and boundless. But are those extra perks genuinely free and unlimited? 

Cheap & Best Web Hosting for Beginners

Wish to know how good (or bad) Hostinger is? Let’s take a look at the cons and pros of this web host. 

Features of Hostinger Web Hosting

Adequate Up-time

Typically, we want to see website hosting services provide an average of 99.9% uptime in a year. Hostinger has some months in the 99.8% array, and even as low as 99.04%, which brought their average down. However, some months of 100% uptime stored their average. 

You have to consider the cost of your requirements. Whether you have a small personal website with minimal traffic, 10-14 hours of downtime in a year isn’t going to kill you. Nevertheless, whether you have a business web site, you’ll want slightly better rates. 

Overall, Hostinger’s uptime rates are good enough for web sites. 

Money-back Guarantee 

If you’re unhappy with your Hostinger website hosting solutions, you might get your money refunded within one month of registering. 

This should be a fantastic enough reason behind you to register if you’re on the fence about how your site will perform utilizing Hostinger. 

One month is the industry standard for hosting promises. Most suppliers will offer you this period, at a minimum, to alter your mind and get your cashback. 

Hostinger’s money-back guarantee is good. It doesn’t move over and beyond as opposed to other web hosts out there. We’ll discuss it more in greater detail. 

Cheap Web Hosting Hostinger

Live Support 

Customer service could make or break my decision to use a web site. If I’ve any questions or issues, I need to know that I can contact my web host. 

Nevertheless, this might not be as essential for some of you. Again, in case you’re to sponsor a small personal blog, then getting in contact with a customer support representative in an instant might not be on top of your priority list. 

 I was pleased with the language and terminology utilized by the consumer support rep, as well. Their instructions were simple and easy to follow. Also, Hostinger has knowledgebase articles on their site that offer guidance for self-help. I would advocate using these as a source if you end up choosing Hostinger.

Free Domain Name and Website Builder. All Hostinger plans come with a free domain name and website builder. So for all those of you that are building a brand new web site from scratch, you may take benefit of Hostinger’s easy to use drag and drop builder. 

They’ve plenty of templates for you to utilize as a starting point as well. Unlimited. Hostinger has some fantastic infinite available options for individual plans. For instance, both the Premium and Business shared hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, and email accounts.

That is why I’d recommend choosing a higher plan over the entry-level pricing. I think the infinite and freebies are worth the couple extra dollars per month. Cost. Hostinger is cheap. 

Therefore, if you desire a cost-effective hosting company, this can be a sensible spot for you to start. But bear in mind that just like most web hosts, Hostinger has a few tips and ploys about pricing. Here is a look at my checkout page when I selected the Single Shared Hosting plan, starting at just $0.99 per month.

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