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Best Nord VPN Alternatives in 2022

Best Nord VPN Alternatives in 2023

Best Nord VPN Alternatives: The year is 2023, and privacy and security have never been discussed before. It’s impossible to remain 100% free of tracking with all the data we’ve given to tech giants such as Google and Facebook; however, there are ways to limit the amount of information your internet provider can learn about your online patterns. Best Nord VPN Alternatives

VPNs, also referred to as Virtual Private Networks, offer exactly what they claim in their titles they provide a secure connection that shields your eyes from your online activity. While using the VPN to conceal your online browsing habits is an excellent reason to consider an account, another primary reason to use VPNs is to access restricted content in the geo-location. There are numerous Netflix series that are not accessible in every corner, and cranny and VPNs such as Nord VPN allow everyone to access the shows they want when they pay for a service.

The 5 Best Nord VPN Alternatives

Why, when Nord VPN is already considered one of the top VPNs available, should you consider alternatives? There are many reasons you may not be happy with a particular provider; however, when selecting a reliable VPN client, the decision comes into speed, safety, and cost. Although Nord VPN has a reputation for providing excellent security and rates, its services are costly. That’s why we’ve looked at and tested several VPNs, including free and paid to create this list of the top Nord VPN alternatives that you can choose from in 2023. Best Nord VPN Alternatives

1. SurfShark


Surfshark is another name that which you’re probably beaten death. The main selling point of Surfshark is its support for an unlimited number of devices. Unlike other VPNs, Surfshark lets you connect as many devices as you want to and on all its plans! While the monthly subscription fees aren’t the most affordable, you can get value for your money if you opt for the long-term plan. However, Surfshark is unreliable if your main goal is to circumvent Netflix geo-restrictions due to recent changes Netflix has implemented.

2. TunnelBear

Best Nord VPN Alternatives

TunnelBear is an excellent choice if you’ve not used any VPN before or are completely awed by the complicated menus offered in other VPN services. TunnelBear has a straightforward interface that allows you to connect to the fastest servers with the press of an icon. It’s also one of the cheapest choices. It also comes at a lower price. VPN offers 500MB of data for free per month, which isn’t much, but there’s nothing more than none. Unfortunately, TunnelBear also falls short in the same aspect, which makes it stick out, and that’s because it lacks features similar to those other VPN services offer.

3. Proton VPN

Best Nord VPN Alternatives

The dangers of choosing an unpaid VPN generally outweigh the benefits; however, when you select ProtonVPN, a reliable service, you may enjoy the benefits of not having to pay any money to spoof your location. There are obvious disadvantages to choosing a free service with only 3 servers and no access to restricted geo-based Netflix content. But, when you discover that no other trustworthy VPN provides unlimited data with the free version, ProtonVPN is the most suitable choice.

4. ExpressVPN

Best Nord VPN Alternatives

ExpressVPN is considered one of the top VPN services ever created, and we can discern the reason for this. It provides a secure and quick connection regardless of your location. With speeds as high as 580Mbps and more than 3000 server locations, ExpressVPN offers an excellent value for money, even at a moderately high monthly cost. But, the biggest drawback to ExpressVPN, according to us, is the tiny 5 device limit it comes with, which may not be sufficient for a person looking for the best solution for the entire family. Beyond that, you’ll get the price you pay for and more.

5. Psiphon VPN

Psiphon VPN

In addition to being a completely free service, Psiphon offers unlimited bandwidth and does not need registration. However, the maximum speed is 2MB/s. This can be fixed by switching to a premium program on Android and using a free trial to test the rate you’d like.

Psiphon is sincere about using some of your internet activities information and selling it to third-party companies to fund their business. Many will consider this acceptable since you do not have an account on the site, or data similar to your country of residence are difficult to find.

Conclusion for Best Nord VPN Alternatives

We hope that our review of some of the top Nord VPN alternatives gave you an important perspective. If you have any suggestions for VPN services that aren’t listed in the list we’ve listed, please share with the other readers in the comments section below! For any questions concerning the article, don’t hesitate to reach us. We’ll be glad to assist you!

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